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5 Best Design Practices You Need to Have On Your Homepage

Your website's homepage carries an immense amount of power.

How to Use WP_Query to Display Custom Post Type

Using WP_Query with Custom Post Types As a WordPress Develope

How to Disable WordPress Comments

As a site owner or junior WordPress developer, you may find yoursel

Using LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) to Help Optimize on Page SEO

What is “Optimizing On-Page SEO?” Optimizing on-page SEO is the process by which you design and develop you

Choosing a Starter Theme for WordPress

WordPress has premium themes available around the web to help speed up

How to Get Around the Pesky Google Analytics Keyword “(Not Provided)”

Why do I need to analyze analytics for my site? As a business website owner, you know that to remain compet

Wordpress Tips: How to Automatically Link URLs in Advanced Custom Fields

WordPress provides a wealth of functionality to assist in presenting your content in the way you desire.

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Transparency: Why It Could Be Important in Web Design

Building brand identity and reputation takes a lot of marketing work, particularly about convincing customers that a

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Brutalist Web Design: Skewed Minimalism That Aims for Good Aesthetics

Minimalism has long been the critics’ choice of style when it comes to creating beauti

Why Web Design Should Be a Combination of Form and Function

For most people, how a website looks is all that matters.

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What Exactly Is a Responsive Website?

A website, from a user’s perspective, is a simple thing. There are clickable links, ads, and portals.

Does Your Business Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

Worldwide, the majority of website views occur on mobile phones.