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A website, from a user’s perspective, is a simple thing. There are clickable links, ads, and portals. It’s second nature to use websites now because the Internet connection is abundant and ways of accessing it are endless. This situation, however, doesn’t show what happens behind it all.

As a business owner, websites only increase in importance, whether you consider it crucial or not. The more time passes without having a website, another enterprise is filling that hole and getting big amount of business. You’re lucky if you get a mention, but it’s not advisable to rely on luck if you’re working on your company’s growth. If you do decide to have one built, you will hear the word “response.” Now, why’s that?

An Important Function

It would have been easier to call it versatile, but “responsive” is a technical term that agrees with website design. It is actually the function of a website to fit on any screen at any resolution. This wouldn’t be possible before because monitors were the only screen where people can view websites. Now, with a myriad of smartphones, tablets and other powerful, mobile systems, your website needs to be responsive to its size. Don’t underestimate the effect of a website’s improper fit. Most times, it hides links and makes the page generally ugly, putting off potential customers. This is why you get a proven web design company to ensure your website’s functionality across all devices. Colorado Digital can be your partner in creating a solid presence on the Internet.

The Fickle Customers

You have a few seconds to impress your visitors, maybe even less. Responsive web design is one thing, and aesthetics is another. At Colorado Digital, we will ensure that your website possesses both qualities in abundance. With us, you will want to visit your own website over and over again.

Written By Justin Goldman

Justin Goldman joined Colorado Digital in 2016 after graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in Web Design and Development. Since then, he’s been bringing client visions to life with his outstanding web design and development skills.