About The Project

When opening a new location for a nationwide indoor amusement park franchise, the franchise owner partnered with Denverdata Web as their preferred digital marketing vendor. Their mission is to provide a fun experience for the entire family through their variety of attractions which include trampolines, go karts, indoor roller coasters, and more. Their initial marketing goals were to ensure a strong grand opening, to maintain ongoing birthday party bookings, and to promote seasonal promotions. They had a unique challenge: each location's advertising had to target only a specific geographic area. We worked with the customer to tailor a successful Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) strategy that could achieve those goals within their regional constraints.

Business Challenge

  • Drive Immediate Marketing Traction Aligned with the Grand Opening
  • Promote Bookings for Birthday Party Events
  • Boost Brand Recognition within their Target Market
  • Promote Seasonal Events Proactively
  • Drive Park Visits
  • Invest in Swift Growth in a ROI-Focused Manner
  • Restrict marketing to the service area of their location, and not advertise to customers in service areas that apply to other nearby park franchise location
  • Narrow focus and targeting of specific demographics

Strategic Solution

  • DDW engaged with the customer to manage their paid search and display advertising utilizing a combination of targeted campaigns focused on boosting visitors, bookings, and revenue
  • Implement an advertising strategy aimed at immediate brand visibility and strong revenue for the Grand Opening
  • Tailor a strategy that cost-effectively reaches their goals in a way that can be quickly scaled up or down according to needs
  • Characterized specific target personas that would be more likely to convert and therefore increase conversion rates on efforts
  • Deliver a solution that can be quickly repurposed for ongoing advertising campaigns such as seasonal events
  • Develop sustainable model for revenue growth through reservations for birthday parties over the long-term
  • Utilize Google search and display ads in a manner that is focused on clear return on investment

The Outcome

Since the franchise location's grand opening, the client has generated an astonishing revenue compared to other park locations. Out of the 100 total franchise locations nationwide, the client was the 15th park to generate the most revenue in 2019. The client's location opened at the end of November 2019, which means they were only open for about a month in 2019. Despite being open for such a short period of time, the client's total revenue for 2019 was comparable to locations that had been open year round in 2019. 

The client's success has extended into 2020. For New Year's Eve, the client hosted a celebration event at their park to ring in the new year. They engaged us to develop a strategic campaign to market and drive ticket sales for this event. With our combined marketing efforts, they maxed out ticket sales and reached capacity for the event. This success provided a significant boost in revenue for the park.

The client has continued to enjoy consistent revenue growth and strong brand recognition within their target market since their grand opening. They have achieved success in a way that is consistent with their available budget for business development. As a result, the customer has extended their ongoing efforts, and sees their paid advertising strategy as central to maintaining ongoing growth.

Measure of Success

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): The parent corporation established a target cost per acquisition (CPA) of $55-$65 for their franchise location marketing efforts. We achieved a CPA of $20.89 which was significantly less than the CPA observed for other locations.
  • Quality Scores: We achieved and maintained an average quality score of 9.4 across the client's account. This is the highest google quality score we have ever achieved and significantly higher than averages for Google Ads PPC (5-7 is the average for Quality Scores in Google Ads)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): We achieved an average cost per click (CPC) of $0.24 for the client. Their average CPC is 78% lower than the industry average of $1.08, which has resulted in more strategic use of their budget.
  • Click Through Rates (CTR): We achieved and maintained click through rates (CTR) of 33.01% across the client's campaigns, compared to industry average of 2.93%. Some of their Individual ads saw click through rates between 38% and 48%.
  • Improved performance over other location grand openings and ongoing reservations
  • Very high volume of visitors over the Grand Opening weekend
  • Met objectives with a tightly constrained budget
  • Highly satisfied customer

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