About The Project

Our client is an international clinical research organization based in Europe and the USA that’s involved with in vitro fertilization (IVF) research. As a medical device company, they place a strong emphasis on information management, taking proactive measures to protect the integrity of customer data. They needed a data software system that would enable them to collect and store clinical data in a secure, effective, and confidential manner.

The client in this case study has chosen to remain anonymous due to privacy reasons. Image removed.

Their Need

The organization’s existing Laboratory Information System (LIS) wasn’t as robust or integrative as they needed it to be. However, customizing the LIS system wasn’t an option as it held large corporate financial considerations. To make up for these shortcomings, the organization made excessive use of spreadsheet software. This method was not efficient or sustainable in the long run. Their need was obvious: they needed a more effective data collection and reporting system that was separate from their existing LIS. They came to us with the goal of finding a cost-effective option that didn’t require vast approval of the global organization nor require them to pay the proprietary LIS provider to do a one-off customization of their product.

Our Solution

We embarked on an agile project with the client where we first conducted an elaborate discovery with all of the key stakeholders and began a user-centered design process. We identified how they currently used their software, how they would like it to work with their existing workflows, and what specific needs they had for data collection and reporting. From there, we developed a technology recommendation for how to implement the system and how to integrate it with their existing LIS system while ensuring their data collection, usability, and reporting needs were met. We created backend integration systems and customizable frontend interfaces. The result was a software system that successfully provides more robust information management of their vast amounts of clinical data.

Project goals

  • Develop and implement a data collection and reporting system in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensure that the new system integrated well with the client’s existing LIS and workflows.

Project results

  • A data collection and reporting system that provides more robust information management of their vast amounts of clinical data.
  • Effective streamlining and integration of the new reporting system into the client’s existing workflows and processes.

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