Job title
President and Founder

In March 1998, Tom DeGerlia combined his passion for the web with his experience in database development to bring Denverdata Web (now Colorado Digital) to life. As the President and Founder, Tom has grown the company to be where it is today. His breadth of knowledge and experience is unmatched in this industry, which results in the delivery of the most cutting-edge, web-based solutions for clients. As a software engineer, Tom has been watching AI technologies mature over the last two decades, and he's been involved since its practical commercial inception over the last 5 years. Today Tom leads Colorado Digital's AI services and product development, as well as the continued and ongoing integration of these technologies into every aspect of the business. He is also an active writer on AI topics, and is an independent AI consultant to attorneys and the courts. Outside of work, Tom is an active gardener. He’s been the leader of Denver Urban Gardens for over 6 years. He also enjoys spending time with his two sons and exploring Denver’s variety of bars and restaurants.